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Award-Winning Educational Music: The Googol Power Math Series

This series will give your child a head start in math and create an interest in learning.
Our award-winning Googol Power albums combine great music, an entertaining story and layered learning that is educational and entertaining for all ages. Learn about the world, space, science, history, music, and art while building a solid foundation in math. (Ages 3-12).

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Discovery Multiplication Math Program

This program is designed to inspire children to understand multiplication, learn mental math strategies and memorize the times tables (0-13) easily.


Educational and Fundraising

We are very excited to have put together several new customized fundraising programs for schools, preschools and organizations.


Shop at Educational Online Store

We are always adding many new products that make learning fun. Check out our new environmental education line! Feel free to suggest a product.

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Take the TV VG Free Challenge!

Prove to everyone that you can handle a week or more TV Video Game FREE!

crazy_4_math Enter the Crazy 4 Math Contest.

Describe how you use math in any activity you love to do — a sport, game, craft, hobby, or anything else.

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