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Contests & Challenges

TV Video Game FREE Challenge

Take Back Your Brain! Now is your chance to prove to everyone that you can handle a week or more TV Video Game FREE! Get creative and do cool things. We Googol Dog Dare you! All participants receive an mp3 of the new song "Take Back Your Brain", lyrics, a certificate, tips and motivational ideas to keep up your creativity.

Crazy 4 Math Contest

Crazy 4 Math Contest

Kids, share your creative math ideas! Describe how you use math in any activity you love to do — a sport, game, craft, hobby, or anything else. Send in a description of the activity and it uses math, as well as any drawing(s) or diagram(s).

Math Facts Goal Setting Challenge

Join and you'll learn your math facts! You'll have fun in math races with your friends! You'll join other children worldwide! You'll have fun surprising grown-ups when you answer a math question so fast!

Creativity Contest

Let us know what you did during your TV Video Game FREE Challenge! Schools, classes or individuals can send in a story, poem, drawing, description of an invention, game, song, or other creative ideas — even a music video!