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Crazy 4 Math Contest

Help create the largest list of ideas by kids — for kids

Crazy 4 Math ContestKids, share your creative math ideas! Describe how you use math in any activity you love to do — a sport, game, craft, hobby, or anything else.

Send in a description of the activity and it uses math, as well as any drawing(s) or diagram(s). Class entries from teachers or tutors are also accepted. There are many great prizes to be won. Please ensure you've read and understand our contest's rules and regulations before entering.

Print out our poster (color or black and white) or put up one of our banners on your website to help spread the word! Win or not, you'll have googols of fun!

Now accepting 2008 entries

Winners will be chosen based on a combination score from online voting and our judges.

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Math Learning Resources

Great links to helpful math learning resources: challenges, problems, lessons, videos, games, and more. Learn how math relates to our everyday activities!

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