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Googol Learning

Environmental Activities

Web of Lifegroup activityDemonstrate an inter-connected web with children holding different parts of a web of a string.web-of-life-small.JPG
Urban Sprawl Circle Activitysmall groupChild walk around within a circle which becomes smaller over time.crowded-circle-activity.JPG
Spider Web Craftrecycled craftCraft a spider web out of recycled straws by weaving yarn around the straws.recycled-craft-spider-web-small.JPG
Recycling Relay Racegroup activityHave teams race to put all the recycling and garbage in the correct bins.recycling-race.JPG
Pond Dipfield tripStudy pond creatures close-up from a basin scooped from the pond.nature-activity-pond-dip.JPG
Percentage of Drinkable Waterclassroom indoor or outMeasure out proportionately 3% of the freshwater on earth.waterdrops.jpg
Nature Scavenger HuntoutdoorExplore a local natural environment in detail by looking for specific items listed on the scavenger
Local Habitat Detail Explorationfield tripExploration of a local habitat.habitats-looking-at-stream.JPG
Estimating and Counting LeavesoutdoorEstimate the number of leaves in an area on the lawn. counting-leaves-fall.jpg
Blindfold Sensory ExplorationoutdoorsHave students close their eyes and explore other senses.eyes-covered-blind-fold-games.jpg
Bird's NestoutdoorsHave children gather articles that a bird could use to build a nest. eco-club-nest.JPG
Food Chain Gamegroup activityFind and arrange in order a team in the same food chain. grizzly-bear-catching-salmon-left.jpg