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Online Games

Here's a collection of fun online games — all related to math in a fun way — that both kids and adults alike can spend hours playing and learning. Please monitor your child's use as these games link to outside sites. These games require Flash Player, Shockwave Player, and/or Java to be installed on your computer. You can also find additional thinking games at our Googol Power Membership section that don't link to outside sites.

Here's an Addition Chart and a Times Tables Chart to check your answers with.

Math Dictionary for Kids

Counting & Numbers

Snakes and Ladders
Find the Number
Mend the Square

Early Math

Addition and Subtraction

Addition Surprise
Test the Toad
Farm Stand Math
Addition Pinball
Subtraction Pinball
High Rise Math


Click on the Bricks
Multiplication Mystery

Math Skills

Match Up Time
Change Maker
Willy the Watchdog

Math Facts

Robot Calculator
Lemonade Stand
Space Shuttle Launch
Math Journey
Math Car Racing
Math Baseball
Matching Game
Tic Tac Toe

Races and Arcade

Math Magician
Timez Attack

Thinking and Facts

Sum Sense
Estimation Golf
Guess the Number
Frog Puzzle
Behind the Blob
Crack the Safe
Tower of Hanoi
Connect the Dots

Advanced Math

FunBrain Operation Order
2-digit Multiplication
Place Value Puzzler
What's the Point?
Martian Math
Frog Palace
Line Jumper
Grid Game
Builder Ted
Estimating Percentages
Rounding Off
Saloon Snap