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Virtual Field Trips

Take a field trip today! You'll find that math can be used to answer many of the world's questions — from how to figure out an earthquake's magnitude to the intricate process of building a guitar!

Natural Forces


How high do they go? How hot are they? How much pressure does it take for an eruption?


How hot is the lava? How long does it take to cool? How far did the lava travel. What speed does the flowing lava move at? At what temperature is the rock liquid?


How are earthquake magnitudes measured?


How high was the wave? How far did it go on land? How fast does it move? How far away is the earthquake that started it?

How Do They Make It?

How long does it take to make? How many can be made in an hour or day? What supplies are needed? How much does the equipment cost? How much does the final product sell for? How is it packaged? Where does the product ship to? How does the product find the customer?

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