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Our award-winning Googol Power albums combine great music, an entertaining story and layered learning that is educational and entertaining for all ages. Learn about the world, space, science, history, music, and art while building a solid foundation in math. Ages 3-12.

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Printable Math Series Information

Learn the times tables (0x - 13x) and skip counting with Multiplication Vacation (Audio CD and DVD) while on a magical trip around the world and even to outerspace. Watch our new trailer!

Wow, a math party! Learn your addition facts (0+ to 10+) at the best birthday party ever with Addition Celebration. Surprise guests from the past sing about history and of course math.

Crazy 4 Math, a MATHeMAGICAL trip through time teaches kids that math, the science of patterns, is everywhere and inspires them to take some MATHemACTION. This is the soundtrack from the live school show.

Nena's Math ForceThe book, Nena's Math Force, inspires readers to want to build their own math force through goal setting, thinking and understanding. Nena's Math Force is also available as a digital download — you'll receive it instantly!

Printable WorksheetsPrintable Worksheets and Math Games provide additional fun ways to practice. This kit is also available as a digital download — you'll receive it instantly!

Online MembershipOur new Googol Power Online Membership is a great way to enjoy Googol Power online in a safe environment for families and schools. Includes Nena's Math Force, all printable worksheets and games, music videos from Multiplication Vacation, and much more.

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