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Googol Learning

Age Levels

Baby MathWhere possible, we have tried to suggest the ages or grades most appropriate for our products. This is always difficult — different children learn different things at different rates — and their interests vary.

The Googol Power Math Series suggested age level ranges from 3–10. However, it's been written with the whole family in mind — there is something for everyone!

Our recommendations are a very general guideline. Keep in mind that the music can be played for children younger than the recommended level.

Younger children like to listen to a song over and over until they know it — you'll be surprised by what they pick up! We suggest listening to our radio or audio samples with your children and judging their reactions.

General age guidelines

  • Addition Celebration CD: 3–8
  • Multiplication Vacation CD: 3–10
  • Multiplication Vacation DVD: 3–8
  • Crazy 4 Math CD: 5–10
  • Discovery Multiplication Goal Setting Program: 6–10
  • The Skip Counting Zone CD: 3–12