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Reviews and Testimonials

We have been listening to your CDs for the past three months and Samantha (age 4) loves them. They are the only albums we play over and over again. She knows all the songs and all the words. Echo is her favorite Googol (she's red) and I like Flip and Flop. Samantha especially loves the songs Googol Power, Counting in the Country, Take Back Your Brain (she laughs at save your brain for a rainy day), Country Nines and Funky Sixes. My favourite is the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Most days you will see us "rocking around" in the car on our way to and from school. The wide variety of subjects they cover as well as math has even taught me a few new lessons! Samantha laughs everytime she hears the eh? stuff on Canada and loves the part about the first Prime Minister of Canada, Sir John "A" MacDonald! As well as learning math and having fun, we have learned about the different types of music, and about history, geography and astronomy. She has her favourite parts that we play over and over again and loves it when the kids joke around. We sing most of the songs together and even when we're not in the car playing them. Good job. They are excellent fun learning materials. We look forward to your next!
—Sandy and Samantha, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada

It was a pleasure seeing the children's eyes light up as they watched the DVD of Multiplication Vacation. Research concludes that people with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities are capable of learning but require more time and extensive reinforcement to learn. The DSRF celebrates the opportunity Googol Learning has provided us with to offer these children a fun and interactive learning tool.
—Joy Hayden, Director, Resource and Program Development, Down Syndrome Research Foundation, Burnaby, BC, Canada

This CD offers Marvelous MATHemAction! from the live show Crazy 4 Math School Musical featuring over an hour of songs about math from the show.

Mr. I and Susan are joined by the MatheManiacs choir who sing about their mathematical trip through time exploring music, nature, science, art and architecture. The group meets and sings with Cleopatra, Amadeus Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin and more.

Eleven songs feature mathematical concepts including pi, the mean, numbers, electromagnetism, gravity, rhythm, math patterns, shapes, and fact families. Some easy, some not-so easy concepts are set to catchy tunes with a variety of styles from reggae to country music. Parents will chuckle at Cleopatra sounding more like Loretta Lynn than an Egyptian queen, but kids will delight and remember the pyramid, a triangle, was built with square blocks.
—Kate O'Mara, Eclectic Homeschool Online

Last year I purchased the Multiplication Vacation DVD and CD, and my class learned their facts quicker than any other class I have had in the past. I swear by Googol! Thank you for making a great product.
—D. Simms, Third Grade Teacher, Timber Trace Elementary School, Florida

My 8 year old son's understanding and knowledge of multiplication (from listening to "Multiplication Vacation" endlessly!) has absolutely amazed me. Thank you — we think your products are fantastic!
—Mandy W., East Sussex, UK

Googol Power's mathematical formula combines an engaging, silly-but-not-ridiculous storyline with an original set of songs. The songs, which are in a mixture of styles (rock-and-roll, country, doo-wop, jazz, folk, you name it) not only propel the child through the plot of the story, but incorporate the math facts in such a way that they insinuate themselves into your brain as you sing them. The video, Multiplication Vacation, also displays the equation on the screen to give the child a multisensory experience.

When my kids are watching or listening to the Googols, I get the same pleasure that I do when they're happily eating broccoli. It's wonderful that something so good for them needn't be a struggle. My kids are happy consumers of Googol Learning's materials, and they can't wait until the next album comes along. Madison hopes it's about fractions.
—Debra Ross,, Rochester, NY (Read full review)

Crazy 4 Math is a wonderful program! The tunes are so great. Thank you for a neat and inspiring learning tool!
—Laura T., Homeschooler, Maple City, MI

The Crazy 4 Math album is fantastic! What a fun and exciting way for children to learn math! The songs are really catchy and the characters are great. I wish 'Crazy 4 Math' was around when I was growing up - it would have been very beneficial to me, and being a teacher I can see how this will be very useful for students in the classroom. What a fun way for kids to learn!
Robyn Hardy of Bobs and Lolo, Bobolo Productions

The Googol Power website, is not only informative, but also FUN! An annual CRAZY4MATH contest on the site encourages all ages to participate while thinking of inventive ways to use Math. Thanks to Googol Learning, people from everywhere (all across the globe) can find a place to discover or rediscover Math in a fun and innovative way!
—Elsie Mangeri, Teacher, Connecticut

"Wow!" That's the one word that became my first reaction when I heard your new "Crazy 4 Math" CD. The songs pop out. The message is clear and catchy.

"Again!" That is the one word I hear constantly from our seven and four your old son and daughter. They sing, talk and answer along to the CD like they were a part of the show.

I know the incredible amount of time, effort, energy and resources it takes to make a product like this. Congratulations on striking GOLD with "Crazy 4 Math!"
Steven "Etienne" Langlois, Educorock Productions

Over the years we have listened to more than our share of musical CDs aimed at teaching children everything from the alphabet to algebra. In some cases they hit their mark while others, well... What it takes to "connect" with young listeners is a good script, strong production values and most importantly, good music. This CD boasts an abundance of all three values. Parent testers told us that CDs of this nature are best for car trips and we heartily agree, there is something about being strapped snugly into a chair that makes educational music much more appealing.
The National Parenting Center

Bird-like creatures from space named Googols take your children on an exciting adventure through the universe in this award winning product, teaching facts about numbers and world geography at the same time. Forget boring math drills, bring on googol power to make learning math facts fun! Using toe tapping tunes and fresh, original lyrics, your kids will be educated and entertained at the same time. The special feature length program DVD takes all the original 18 songs from the CD and turns them into amazing music videos.

The adventure will soar your kids through outer-space, trek them through the jungles of Africa, and bring them to the icy fields of Antarctica. The visuals will grab even the shortest attention spans and keep them there for ample learning time. My kids (10, 8, 4) all love this DVD and even once the music stops and we start doing other things I'll catch them humming a few of the tunes and chanting the phrase "googol power."

The neat thing about Multiplication Vacation is it is exactly like a math vacation — your kids will be globe-trotting right in their own living room! If you're looking for a relaxed and fun approach to learning multiplication facts from 0-13, you'll find it right here.
K. Davis, HomeSchoolBuzz

For some numbers knowledge, listeners can catch up with the Googols (alien-like "learning buddies for children") on Multiplication Vacation. Sunny choruses and funny character voices fuel this music approach to mastering multiplication.
—Shannon Maughan, Publisher's Weekly

Hardly a child on the planet would equate the memorization of basic addition and multiplication facts with "fun" – until now. With engaging story lines, catchy tunes, voices full of character, and high-quality production values, Googol Learning's two CDs, "Addition Celebration" and "Multiplication Vacation," turn addition aversion and times-table tedium into a sing-along pleasure.

The "Multiplication Vacation" DVD puts a face to all the memorable characters in a combination of live action, animation and puppetry. Kids – including those of the adult variety – will find themselves saying such things as, "Quickly adding 9 to a number is soooooooooooo easy now," or "Wow, the sevens sure were fun. I wonder what they'll do for the eights.'" Personally, I wonder what Googol Learning will do next. Probably another mathematical marvel."
David Schwartz, Best-Selling Author

An excellent tool for mixing entertainment and learning. Googol Power Multiplication Vacation is a perfect name for this great piece of educational work! By combining many facets of education, into one fun to listen to audio CD, Googol Power allows a child to learn much, by doing little more than listening and memorizing from repetition.

Not only will you find your child catching the beat and singing along, you will find them captivated when they listen to the storyline as well. This enchanting CD offers a "vacation" style of education, because it allows a child to enjoy learning to a new format. They can learn at home or in the car, and will forget that they are being educated, because they are just having fun!

The multiple original songs are upbeat, catchy, and such a treat to enjoy. The story line is inviting, and brings the listener into the scene, by using great detail within the fun and folly characters that are featured.

This CD has won numerous awards, and we can see why! We look forward to many more additions to this series, and know you and your child will await the new ones as well, as soon as you have heard this one!

If you have a child who struggles with multiplication, or one who is just beginning in the subject, this would be a great way to get the basics into their mind and memory. This is so much more fun than memorizing charts. Now they can memorize it without the work involved, using normal methods. Once they have these basics memorized, the rest will be a snap and fall into place. This covers 1-13, the numbers that are needed to begin easy multiplication.

Another nice feature to this CD, is the fact that they combine other subjects of learning in with the mathematics, to make it more amusing and to add more education to their work. This allows a child to learn about their world, the world of space, as well as art, history, and music.

This one comes highly recommended and has been loved by all of us! I even caught my little guy, who is in preschool, singing along with the tunes once they had been played several times. I am positive this will help him as he progresses in his world of learning, as he keeps this in his mind and is able to recall it when he needs it.
—Janet H., Family Review Center

Googol Power Presents Multiplication Vacation is a DVD that teaches the multiplication facts, and much more, in a fun and informative manner.

From the main menu, you can choose to let the DVD run, select a specific scene, or play the special features. As a note, all of the special features also appear at the end of the primary program, after the credits, so you can simply set the DVD to play and watch it through to the very end. ("The Very End" as opposed to "The End" - the program has multiple endings and the creators obviously had a lot of fun playing with them.)

Play the program and you hear children asking their mother for just one more story. She starts telling the story and suddenly you're watching words scroll up the screen in a very Star Wars fashion. At first the mother is the narrator, then the voice morphs into one that could fit into the Star Wars universe, and it keeps changing through various accents and styles until the last voice, which is clearly reminiscent of a certain crocodile hunter. ("Isn't she a beauty?!") I was hooked, and laughing, from the start.

Multiplication Vacation is a "movie" about a group of kids who are having trouble learning to multiply. When the magician's spell fails to plant the facts in their heads instantly, a group comprised of people, puppets, and animated characters show up to take them on an adventure. While on this "multiplication vacation," they travel around the world and into outer space. In these locations, they learn the multiplication facts from zero to thirteen. They are also exposed to various continents and people, Leonardo Da Vinci and other famous artists, the constellations and planets, the Seven Natural Wonders of the world (guess which number they're multiplying here) and more.

The movie utilizes a variety of musical styles, all upbeat, and the math facts are presented in multiple ways (including skip counting, which was a pleasant surprise); it's fun, it's educational, and it's catching. It seems to me that it would hard not to learn with this DVD.

As I said, there are a few special features after the "movie" ends. The Learning Lady presents a lesson on multiplication that explains more about what it is and teaches its vocabulary. The Making of the Show offers a collection of photographs, many notated, showing the different aspects of making the movie. Google skits answer questions ("What is a googol?") and help review the facts.

The company suggests purchasing both the DVD and the CD (See Jean Hall's review of the CD) so that kids have the freedom to both get to know the movie and play the sound track to help reinforce the facts they're learning. Visit for more helps and downloadable lessons that you can use with this DVD.
—Tammy Cardwell, Eclectic Homeschool Magazine

What a great tool to teach kids how to multiply! Through songs and fun-loving characters, children learn their times tables and something about their world! This CD has 18 songs and makes learning math fun.
Wee Ones Magazine

Throw away your flash cards! You won't need to "drill and kill" math facts ever again. The Googol Power Math Series has revolutionized rote memorization of arithmetic facts forever by setting addition facts and multiplication tables to upbeat tunes to make memorization a snap - while providing interesting facts about history and social studies that boost kids' knowledge of the world! For example, while memorizing the 7 times table to finger-snappin' doo-wap music, you will learn about the 7 Natural Wonders of the world. Other topics include Animals of Africa, Ancient Egypt, the Ecological System of Antarctica, the Solar System, Australia's Outback and even Leonardo Da Vinci! Addition Celebration and Multiplication Vacation are the CD soundtracks to the companion DVD! Use them individually or altogether - a great way to address multiple learning styles at home and on the road. There's more! The website at offers free, printable worksheets and activity pages that complement the DVD and CD math lessons. While you're there, register to receive a free e-newsletter filled with more fun ideas to help your kids learn math while becoming engaged, life-long learners.
—Diane Flynn Keith, Editor-In-Chief, Homefires and Author of Carschooling

Toss together a funny cast of characters, a variety of musical styles, and birthdays, every child's favorite topic. Mix it up with addition and you have a prime in-the-car teaching tool, something every family-on-the-go needs.

The theme is spacey - and, don't forget, 'birthdayey' - and centers around mythical, 'mathical' creatures called googols. They're quirky, creative, and keep you hopping in both the literal and figurative senses. Be aware that one of the characters is a magician; those who are opposed to all references to magic will likely not care for this. Still, some say math is magic.

And there's more here than math. Googol Learning believes in the power of "layered learning," which means this CD presents a wide variety of other information along with the math. I have it playing in the background right now, and am learning about Cleopatra... um... well, this Cleopatra isn't quite the Cleo I remember, but she's doing a great job of teaching about the base ten system.
—Rena Arlen, Eclectic Homeschool Online

This was another CD sent to me for review... and this one took me a little while to decide if I liked it or not. My daughter, on the other hand, fell immediately in love with it. This CD is very well produced... even my husband agreed, and he works for a video/audio production company and knows what a good music CD sounds like! The songs are very catchy in their tune even if they don't have repeating choruses. My not-quite-4yr-old likes to dance to the songs. She has no need or ability yet to start learning the times tables, but I am curious to see how she picks them up with the use of this CD later on. The story that is interwoven between the songs is captivating and cute. A little corny, but kids like corny, so it works. This is definitely a CD made with kids' tastes in mind. Now the thing I had mixed feelings about is that the songs are just creative ways to drill the times tables into the kiddos' heads. But then I realized that's the way you learn them! I am against rote learning, but for multiplication tables, I just don't know of any other way... so I'm thinking this CD might be a really neat way to learn what otherwise might be boring. Anyway this CD really grew on me and now I can honestly recommend it... Catchy songs, fun story... Check it out! And I'm looking forward to hearing from people with older kids to see if it really helps with learning the times tables!
Fresno Family

Finally! A math-facts CD that doesn't drive me nuts! Googol Power's Multiplication Vacation is full of catchy tunes to help your children learn skip counting and multiplication facts. While they are learning those math facts, they take trips to exotic places like Ancient Egypt, Australia, and the solar system, meet famous people like Leonardo Da Vinci, or learn about famous art.

My children ran off with Multiplication Vacation as soon as they saw it. It was on while I was washing dishes and honestly, I enjoyed it! I love that the artists used different styles of music based on different types of rock music. The music makes you want to move your feet and dance around with your children.

There are 18 songs on this 70-minute CD. Get Multiplication Vacation for your children as a Christmas gift. It will take learning multiplication facts from drudgery to pleasure!
—Dawn King, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

This 70-minute movie soundtrack offers 18 songs of entertaining music and learning for all ages as you travel around the world and to outer space. The content covers math, science, music, language, art and much more. The unique characters are educational role models. There are seven magical birds from space called Googols who, along with their friends, help a group of children learn their times tables. This product portrays learning in an easy to follow way and the results are outstanding.
—Stevanne Auerbach, PhD / Dr. Toy

Calling all kids! It's time to make learning fun. Nena and the Googolkids are having trouble learning the times tables so in ushers the Googols who use their power to help kids learn. Off goes the learning journey, which shows the kids traveling from the jungles in Africa to the icy seventh continent of Antarctica. The album is great children's fare that parents can play for their kids to make them smile and learn at the same time. The age range would certainly be elementary age but could help even younger kids learn quickly. You can also download worksheets, song words, and learn more about the characters featured in the DVD and CD.

We received this music CD as a gift and were really impressed. My kids (ages 3,6,8) just love it. It really reaches a wide age range. My older children are practicing their times tables with it. But what I like most about it is the way it encourages other learning. My children have been wanting now to research a whole bunch of new topics. It's worth looking into especially if you do a lot of driving. They have a nice website with videos and many worksheets - I believe there is an adding one and a DVD coming out soon.

My son is in 2nd grade and was not enjoying multiplication. He loves the CD "Multiplication Vacation." He listens to it all the time and the catchy tunes are helping him with his multiplication. Thank you again for creating such a fun learning experience for children.
—Marie Magdala Roker, Academic and Personal Development Coach

Our older girls (ages 3, 5, and 7) requested these CDs over and over. They are filled with great learning songs that are enjoyable. Unlike other math CDs where the same beat is repeated over and over, these wonderful CDs have math (and other interesting facts) woven into the story line. Your children will not only learn math, but there are other history and other facts throughout. Very professionally made. The stories are engaging and children are learning while enjoying! These products do not mention anything Biblical but also do not contain anything that we found offensive - so I can recommend these fully as they help make learning math fun and interesting.
—Christian Character Matters

Though I've never seen the movie from which this soundtrack is taken, it was easy to build mental pictures while listening to this energetic and award-winning CD.

Woven together with a background story, the cheery and upbeat musical tracks cover not just basic multiplication memorization for facts 0-13, but a diversity of additional information as well, including Ancient Egypt (that is, while memorizing the 3x table), Animals of Africa, Penguins, Seven Natural Wonders, Leonardo da Vinci and Art of the World, and space (planets, constellations and stars).

I like the philosophy of "Layered Learning" or introducing more than one topic in a song or lesson, as explained on the Googol Learning website: "Children are born LOVING TO LEARN about the world around them and their learning follows their own natural curiosity. To keep this interest, children should be shown the relationship among topics. For example, why not show that 'math is part of everything.' This makes math so much more interesting - and you can learn about everything else as well!"

There are different character voices, suited to a children's story, and the music has a nice blend of harmony and a variety of styles. The story pulls you along from one topic to another, but there's no problem with playing one track repeatedly as you master a single times table.

The Googol Learning website offers free learning resources such as online books and videos, printable worksheets and games, contests, lessons, articles, a math club, and more.
—Jean Hall, Eclectic Homeschool Magazine

A vacation just isn't a vacation without the chance to learn a thing or two, and when the GoogolKids and friends find that learning their times tables is a bit more difficult than they imagined, a trip to the jungles of Africa, the icy landscapes of Antarctica, and the deepest depths of outer space offers all the fun needed to kick-start their brains and prove just how much fun numbers can be. With eighteen catchy songs to sing-along with, Vancouver children's programming stars Mr. I and Gary Q blast off with their old friend The Learning Lady for a multiplication vacation that kids will want to take time and again.
—Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

The "Multiplication Vacation Soundtrack" is fabulous. My class of grades ones, twos and threes love it. It covers so many concepts in such a fun way, not just multiplication— the planets, constellations, famous paintings, Seven Natural Wonders, Egypt, North American cities, Antarctica and African animals. The music is fun and makes you want to sing and dance while multiplying. It's entertaining for the whole family. My five year old son has learned how to skip count by threes and other numbers by listening to the CD.
—Bonnie Siemens, Teacher, Montessori Elementary, Coquitlam, BC

I just got a voice message from my wife requesting 10 copies of the "Addition Celebration" (to be used for birthday presents)... which our son put on at 4 am this morning to help him fall back to sleep. You should know that when "Addition Celebration" is selected for wee hours listening, competing with Stuart McLean's "Stories from the Vinyl Café", "Beethoven Lives Upstairs", among other fine audio recordings, that you have made it big time around our house. By the way, my son wins most of the math challenges in his class... his classmates think it is because I am an engineer, I think it may have more to do with him practically wearing out Multiplication Vacation from repeated listening.
—Gordon, Vancouver, BC

Great rhythm and music. Most enjoyable!! Concepts such as multiplication are illustrated beautifully along with an understanding of worldly ideas. A must have video and audio CD for all teachers and parents.
—Jean Seto Kwan, Primary Teacher, Richmond, BC

I love your new CD because it teaches you to multiply and it is really FUN. I like the ticklebug! My favorite song is the GoogolPower song. It's so cool.
—Spencer (age 7), GoogolKid, Port Moody, BC

"WOW! is all I can say!" I absolutely loved listening to this music as did my four year old who danced his way through most of them. The fact that these songs are educational to our children and enjoyable to an adult's ear is an absolute musical miracle. I truly cannot wait to see the video. Well Done!!
—Linda, full-time mother, Pitt Meadows, BC

I didn't know multiplication could be this fun! This CD is creative and clever. The songs are catchy and make you want to dance and sing along. I loved the variety of musical styles and the great sound effects!
—Darlene Ketchum, Director of Music Department, Pacific Life Bible College, A.R.C.T., Delta, BC

I am the K to 5 coordinator for School District #43. In this capacity, over the last six years I have reviewed adapted and created many resources for teachers and parents. Prior to my current position I was an Elementary teacher for 23 years and most recently I have begun an educational consulting business called "Creatively Yours". Given my lengthy experience as an educator, and thorough understanding of how children learn, it gives me great pleasure to highly recommend the compact disk entitled "Multiplication Vacation."

This CD would be a wonderful resource to have in any home to help your own children learn their multiplication facts. It is a rich and supportive teaching tool for all ages but in particular, students in grades two though five. Each track or segment could be used as a separate lesson. For example the idea of zero is well defined and is a great introduction to the concept.

"Multiplication Vacation" will capture the imagination of all young children. The CD begins by telling a story, immediately gathering the attention of its listeners. It explains about 'Googols' coming from outer space to Earth to be learning buddies for children. The Googols make the listeners feel their 'power and magic', making learning the times tables seem easy. Children will be excited to hear the entire "CD" and inspired to learn the songs that help practice the concepts. They will never feel bored, as each track is different and very entertaining.

Multiplication Vacation provides a unique way for young learners to memorize the times tables. The music is up beat, creative and lots of fun. While children learn the multiplication facts through song, practice and repetition they are also introduced to many interesting worldly facts such as the seven natural wonders, the Continent of Australia, famous artists throughout history, animals of Africa, etc. The "CD" is filled with surprises such as jokes, changes in language, and creative endings to the songs all designed to keep the attention of the learner.

This is an impressive resource, which will delight young learners and make adult listeners tap their fingers and sing along with their children.
—Gloria Gustafson, Coordinator for Curriculum and Staff Development (District 43), Coquitlam, BC

My seven year old son absolutely loves the CD Multiplication Vacation! He enjoys the variety of music and loves dancing to it. He even asks to put it on in the car for his carpool friends to listen to. The CD includes so many facets of education and he is learning his times tables. You have done a great job of introducing geography, history and the seven natural wonders of the world. Thank-you for opening my children's eyes to so many new topics.
—Lilian P., full-time mother, Port Moody, BC

My daughter and I really enjoyed the music. Even though my daughter is only 18 months she is starting to learn about numbers and letters. The snappy beat and different sounding voices really kept her interested and as time progresses she will clue into the multiplication aspect. I sense that she is picking up the patterns in the skip counting already. It can be difficult to find resources that are interesting, entertaining yet have learning in mind as well. I am especially excited to find a good math resource. This CD has it all. We look forward to listening to and viewing the whole series. Well done! Thank you so much.
—Teresa and Valerie, Port Moody, BC

My two and half year old loved it immediately. It's the only children's CD I've found that I also enjoy. We dance to it almost everynight.
—Lisa H., Coquitlam, BC

Googol Power! This CD is for all ages... not just kids! Our kids want to take it to school so their teacher can hear it. It makes you want to dance, sing and practice math. Googol Power will make your children very motivated to learn their times tables. You will be asked to play the CD over and over. We have put on Multiplication Vacation when friends and family are over and they all sing along. We think this is one of the best learning CDs we have ever heard. The kids would love to see plush Googols!
—Terry, Julia and Emma Smith, Coquitlam, BC

An excellent music CD! We took a trip and this CD made the drive seem much shorter. The music is up-beat, and I found myself singing away in the front seat. My four and six year old girls in the back seat were singing so loud I had to turn the music up! We each have a different favourite part, from the "Multiplication Vacation" theme song, to the rapping penguin (...Yo!), to the natural wonders of the world, and my personal choice: "Googol time-out!!!" Add in the educational benefits, and you have a complete package that will be enjoyed for years to come. I can hardly wait until addition, subtraction and division are put under the influence of Googol Power!
—Marvin, Shelby (6 years old) and Caitlin (4 years old)

Every time we get in the car my son wants the COOL math CD. And I don't mind playing it because he's learning something.
—Nathalie and Luke, Port Coquitlam, BC

From the moment I listened to Multiplication Vacation, I liked it. The music is fun and upbeat, contains a world of facts and has fun characters in it. However, I decided to reserve judgment and wait for my children's reaction to it, since they are the ones who would be using it. Needless to say, I liked the CD even more, when I saw how much my 6-year old and 20 month old sons enjoy it. The 6 year old has been learning the facts and the numbers. The 20 month old has been learning the words. They both love to dance to it and it is definitely a must for car rides. The other day, I caught myself singing with them. And believe me, I don't need to learn the times table, since I memorized it years ago.
—Nadereh Nouhi, New York City

I love the Multiplication Vacation. The music is great, the words are fun to sing along with, and I have learned a lot. My favorite is the fact that Mount Everest is 29000 feet high. By the way, when do I get to go on a division vacation?
—Zachary Tirgan (6 years old), New York City

My children love this album (Addition Celebration) and I LOVE the fact that they are practicing math and learning about history. The entertaining story about a birthday party keeps their interest and of course Googol Power's music is great. Googol Power has done an exceptional job of turning memorization of math facts into fun. The (free) math worksheets on their website are very creative and provide extra practice.
—The Johnston Family, North Bay, Ontario

I currently teach English and Math (in English) at a elementary school in Mexico. I have been teaching at elementary for over 20 years in both Canada and Mexico. Multiplication Vacation is wonderful because my math time is limited. We need the language and the music is an exciting way to learn and have fun. We play specific songs or the video a couple of times in a class and the ESL Mexican students love them. They always want to listen to them again. They are learning language and math facts at the same time. We do lots of mental math with them afterwards.
—Jean Rudge, Escuela Vancouver, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

My autistic daughter (12 years old) loves "Multiplication Vacation". She learns best through music and visuals. We have used educational songs and educational programs at home since she was very young. The Multiplication Vacation DVD is a great new tool for her to explore numbers and introduce the multiplication facts. She smiles watching the DVD, pays attention and is learning her math facts as well as other topics covered in the show. Great job to your team and hopefully there will be more Googol Power programs to come.
—Guylaine, mother and grade one teacher, Coquitlam, BC

All of my children love the great music that we can dance to while they are learning math facts. We homeschool our children and these are great for learning math, but I am also telling everyone I know about your products and website. Thank you so much for such a great product for children and parents. Finally, music that teaches my children something, but is also music that I can listen to with them.
—Melissa M.

We played with our Googol Power membership this evening. Thank you very much. You may have changed a life!!! The math force lives! I am so glad I found you today.