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Family Learning

Learning together as a family

Learning together as a family

You do not have to be homeschooling to take part in family learning. Work with your child's teacher to see how you can complement their learning at school.

Make learning part of everything you do together. The list is endless for the many things you can do — playing games that combine math and reading, listening to educational music, watching educational programming, explaining how things work, cooking together, building a fort, helping your child count his/her change, learning a new language, looking up answers to questions together and so much more more.

Find something that the whole family can learn together — history, music, art, a new language — even re-learn the math you forgot! Parents will find this enjoyable as they learn along with their children. Family learning is rewarding for everyone. Family members spend quality time together and parents are able to take part in their own child's education. Parents will also gain an understanding of their child's learning styles which can be helpful when working with their teacher.

Your child is learning all the time — not just when they are at school. Learning can, and should be, a fun part of your time spent together. Family learning also allows a child to learn at their own speed and interest. For example, a parent working individually with their child to build their math skills has the opportunity to follow their child's own natural curiosity and can explore many interesting topics.

As parents, we are all teaching our children. We are raising them to adulthood — to learn social skills, to learn to read, to learn to think on their own, to love math, to learn to problem solve, to be organized, and to keep a schedule. Schooling is one of the many tools that can help them on their journey. We parents are there to provide overall guidance and help out where we can. In essence, we are all "home learning."

Today, with the internet and local libraries we have access to information and answers easily at our fingertips. State and provincial educational guidelines are posted online with educational goals and standards. It has never been easier for parents to get involved. Take control of your child's education. Get involved and instill a love for learning that will last a lifetime.