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Audio Samples

Bungie and Flip & FlopUse the players below to control the music. Pressing > plays the music. Pressing || stops the song. Pressing |< shuffles songs backwards. Pressing >| shuffles songs forward. The songs play in track order. The volume can be controlled by dragging over its icon. The darker the lines, the louder the music.

"Crazy 4 Math"

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Crazy 4 Math (Audio CD)
Track List
  1. Are You Ready for Math?
  2. Crazy 4 Math 1 (Island)
  3. Crazy Welcome
  4. Crazy 4 Math 2 (Rock)
  5. Math is Everywhere, Egypt, 50 BC
  6. Countin' in the Country
  7. Ancient Egpyt (Archimedes)
  8. Where Would We Be Without Math
  9. Italy 1615 (Galileo)
  10. Galileo
  11. Philadelphia, 1780 (Benjamin Franklin)
  12. Electromagnetism
  13. Soundwaves, Pi, Phi, Fibonacci
  15. Fact Families, Skip Counting (Mozart)
  16. Math Pattern Chart
  17. Rhythm and the Science of Patterns
  18. Leonardo da Vinci
  19. Leonardo's Math Force
  20. Math Force
  21. You Want More Math
  22. MATHemACTION 2
  23. Googol Jokes and the Very End

"Multiplication Vacation"

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Multiplication Vacation (Audio CD)
Track List (74 minutes)
  1. Introduction, Like Magic
  2. Multiplication Vacation
  3. Something About Nothing (0x)
  4. Only One of Each (1x)
  5. Two Two Two (2x)
  6. Ancient Egypt (3x)
  7. Animals of Africa (4x)
  8. Multiply By Fives (5x)
  9. Penguin Rap (6x)
  10. Googol Power Song (Cardio's Warmup)
  11. Seven Natural Wonders (7x)
  12. Yodel Odel Eight (8x)
  13. Kangaroo Didge (9x)
  14. Leonardo da Vinci (10x)
  15. Art of the World (11x)
  16. Planetary Rock (12x)
  17. Constellations And Stars (13x)
  18. We Know How to Multiply (Finale)

"Addition Celebration"

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Addition Celebration (Audio CD)
Track List (78 minutes)
  1. Introduction
  2. What's a Birthday
  3. The Best Party Ever
  4. How Much Longer
  5. Googol Power Roll Call
  6. Party Preparations
  7. Baking a Cake (Cake Bake Blues)
  8. Distraction Monster / Surprise
  9. Stella's Rag
  10. Preparing for Math Games
  11. Talk About Addition
  12. Flip and Flop Timeout
  13. Space Gift
  14. Arrival of Leonardo da Vinci
  15. When We Use Addition
  16. The Queen Introduces Cleopatra
  17. Countin' in the Country
  18. Pinata Time
  19. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  20. Foreign Currencies
  21. Salute from Canada
  22. Sparrow Skit / Math Rules
  23. Three Funky Rules
  24. More Rules / Arrival of Benjamin Franklin
  25. Adding the States of America
  26. Time for Presents
  27. Cozmo's Birthday Song
  28. Birthday Cake
  29. Dance Finale
  30. Unhoppy Joke / Back on Planet Dzzt
  31. Son of Mine
  32. Flip and Flop in Space

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