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Homeschooling & Parenting Resources

Organizations and associations that promote education, homeschooling, and family learning. Be sure to check these out!

Great Websites

Great links to helpful math learning resources: challenges, problems, lessons, videos, games, and more. Learn how math relates to our everyday activities!

Math Books for Kids

In addition to combining music with math, reading books that combine math with interesting stories are highly recommended. Combining reading with math is a wonderful way of bringing both the joy of math and reading into the lives of your children.

Math Activity Books

These are the books we use for our math club! They provide instruction for great math activities.

Books for Parents

Parenting is one of the most challenging roles in our lives. Many parents in our workshops find it difficult to teach because of parenting issues. Our workshops now include a section where ideas are shared and helpful resources are provided. These books are a great help.