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Googol Learning

Register your Product

Registering is your way of ensuring that you have purchased a legal copy of our product. For schools and educators it can be used to show proof of your user's license.

There are other benefits to registering:

  • You will receive (occasionally) new lesson ideas and worksheets to use with your albums.
  • Registrants of our Discovery Multiplication Kit will also receive updates, discounts on upgrades and be able to order replacement products. This is very beneficial as we are always adding new games and worksheets to the program.
  • Note: You can now receive FREE downloads immediately of Googol Power lyrics by ordering them in our store.

Please note: We do not send out unsolicited emails and will only notify you when there is something really good like a new release, update or new teaching aid to go along with your products. Don't worry, this will only be once or twice a year and you can opt out at anytime. Sign up for our newsletter if you wish to hear from us monthly with inspirational learning ideas to keep you motivated.