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Googol Learning

Take Back Your Brain! Go TV VG Free!

Want a challenge?

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Pack away those games!

Take the TV Video Game FREE Challenge and get active! Need some tips?

Turn it off and get out there and do something — sing, read, write, draw, run, swim, skate, snowboard! Show the world all the creative things you can do without TV or video games. Share your cool ideas with us at the end by entering our creativity contest and have a chance to win an MP3 player and other prizes.

Put away that TV!

Prove to everyone that you can handle one week TV VG FREE!


You can take the TV VG FREE Challenge any time. It's easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Pick out your own dates, put away your video games and turn off the TV.
  2. Print out and complete your tip sheet to put up in your room.
  3. We Googol dog dare you! After you have completed your challenge, print off your certificate. Let us know what great activities you did during your challenge by sending us an email or entering the creativity contest.

We dare you to take the challenge!

We double dog dare you to take the challenge!

Actually, Flip and Flop Googol dog dare you!

And guess what?

Everyone who participates gets something!

Sign up now to receive immediate downloads of the MP3 for "Take Back Your Brain," lyrics, challenge tips and ideas, and a certificate! Take the challenge yourself or make it a family, class or school challenge!

Printable TV VG Free poster! Don't forget to check out our creative idea activity list and photos!

Don't forget to check out our Creative Idea Activities!