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Workshops, Shows, and Presentations

Moving Towards a Sustainable World

This facilitated workshop leads a group through defining sustainability and coming up with shared ideologies, practices and educational activities that we can communicate to our students or children. The creative group process brings about many inspirational stories and ideas that makes the concept of sustainability a process we can all take part in.

Bridging Environmental Education and Global Awareness into Your Curriculum

This inspiring workshop will provide you with ideas and resources to help tie environmental and social issues such as global warming, human geography, ecological footprints and nature appreciation into your math, reading, science and geography lessons.

Building Environmental & Global Awareness in the Community

Discuss ways your group can enhance environmental and global awareness among its members and take action in the community. We will explore how you can take part in community programs or create your own projects. Many creative initiatives will be explored as well as ways to encourage group participation.

Discovery Multiplication

Discovery Multiplication

This interactive workshop is designed to inspire children to learn — and understand — the times tables (0-13) easily. Pattern recognition, math strategies, thinking rules, goal setting, memorization techniques and confidence boosters help them master this essential foundation of future math skills. Along with music, games and visuals, children are given tools that develop their number sense, improve their mental math skills and let them confidently "Think It Out" on their own.

ECO-Math: Bridging Environmental Education into Mathematics

Stay up to date on the the latest environmental educational issues and discuss opportunities to tie these into your math curriculum by using word problems, statistics and other activities.

Meaningful Math: Bridging Social Responsibility into Mathematics

This presentation for students, parents or teachers ties together social responsibility issues with mathematical word problems, statistics and activities. Issues such as global inequalities, media awareness, health, environment, community and values are explored.


Learn how to inspire, motivate and excite your child/student about math. Build a solid foundation and mental math skills that will last a lifetime through music, games, stories, crafts, activities and "googols of fun." Students will be begging to do math! Hundreds of free resources.

MATHemACTION! — in your classroom

A one hour interactive session with the students in your class to inspire math. Tricks, jokes, music, activities and games. Students are left knowing several games and activities to do at home with their family to practice math facts. This can be adapted to your curriculum.

Crazy 4 Math

Crazy 4 Math - Musical

On a magical trip through time, children meet historical characters who influenced our world using math. We find out that math is everywhere! This can be booked during school hours or during the evening to be part of a family fundraising night.

Math and Music

Learn about the connection between music and math. Discover how music can be used to improve learning. Bring the power of music into your own math class OR tie math into your music class.

Inspiring Math Away from School!

Inspiring Math Away from School!

This is our most popular parent education workshop! Talking math, coaching, learning styles, thinking skills, goal setting and many great ideas to make math fun.

Math Force

Nena's Math Force — for students

An entertaining presentation that inspires children (and adults alike) to build their math force. Book reading, puppet dramatization and discussion. This can be presented to a larger group on a projector.

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